Who can be assisted?
1. Member who has a General Account entitlement.
2. Member who has resigned, terminated, non-renewal of contract, laid off or made
redundant from work.

What is the amount that can be withdrawn for unemployment assistance?
1. The maximum withdrawal permitted is $2000 provided member has General Account

Documents to be submitted with an application
1. The member must apply on the prescribed application form.
2. Evidence of termination letter from employer stating the termination date, non-renewal of
contract, laid off or made redundant or letter of acceptance of resignation from employer.
3. Evidence from the member’s bank confirming that the member has a valid bank account
number and is not more than one month old.

Method of Payment
1. Payment is made direct to the member’s bank account.

Other important notes
1. Member can be assisted again provided he/she finds continuous employment
for 2 years after the last unemployment withdrawal.
2. Member must apply for this assistance within 6 months from the date of unemployment.

3. Applicable processing fee is $10. Please note that you will need to pay the processing fee within 14 days from registration of your application, otherwise it will be automatically cancelled.


1. Any unutilized FNPF funds will be refunded to FNPF and will be credited to member’s accounts.
2. Members are not entitled for any early withdrawal if theyhave not accounted for any withdrawal taken under Housing
transfer. They will have to pay the unaccounted transfer amount, however, this will not apply to members previously assisted
under the Village Housing Scheme prior to 1st January 2011.
3. All documents submitted to the Fund should be originals or if it is a copy to be stamped and signed by a Justice of the Peace (JP), Commissioner of Oaths or an authorized FNPF officer as being a true likeness of the original document.