Any member who is 55 years of age or over is eligible for Retirement.


  • The member must be 55 years of age according to FNPF records and member's birth certificate.
  • Member's birth record details on the application form must tally with records held by the Fund and member's birth certificate.
  • The member's signature on the application form must tally with the signature on FNPF Records.
  • Payment shall be made within 3 working days of receipt of a completed application
  • Any correction to member account via journals shall be done within 14 working days
  • Any correction to membership details shall be done within 5 working days

General Checklist & Forms

  • The member must apply on the prescribed Retirement Application Form FNPF FW01
  • Original birth certificate or copy certified by a lawyer.
  • Evidence from member's banker confirming member's bank details not more than a month old.
  • Detailed employment history.
  • Re-entry and nomination forms if the eligible member opts to rejoin after the withdrawal.
  • Surrender FNPF Membership Card
  • Where member opts for payment into overseas bank account, the member shall submit details of the overseas bank account number and the branch address, BSB number, swift code and routing number
  • Other forms of ID if required for proper ID verification. That is other valid ID such as drivers license and passport

Discharge of Titles Application Checklist & Forms

  • Latest Certified True Copy of Title or Leases Search and Charge Search (not more than a month old)
  • Request letter from the Member
  • Member should only pay the $60 discharge fee after being advised in writing by FNPF Legal to proceed to payment and uplift the title.