Online Services

You can now access your account information, when you need it - whether you’re at work, at home or in transit.

We know that doing business is a 24-hour commitment.

That’s why we’ve introduced a range of online services that allows you to access your account details.
This is all part of our commitment to serve you better!

ALL MEMBERS can now view your
• Statement of Account – this will show all debit and credit transactions made to your account
• Eligibility Statement – this shows your eligibility amounts for Housing, Education and Medical withdrawal grounds

• prepare and submit e-Contribution Schedules for your monthly contribution submissions
• view your Contribution Schedule submitted electronically
• have the ability to change your contact details

• view all of your recent pension payments
• view your ‘nominee’ details
• view your Renewal Certificate (RC) status with the Fund;
• print pending Renewal Certificates

How can I register for this service?
You need to access the registration form on or get this from any of our Customer Service centre

You must:
1. Have a valid personal email address
2. Complete Registration form (Member Website / SUPERTxt Registration/ Form)
3. Provide a photo identification i.e. FNPF Card,
4. Driver’s License/Passport/Electronic Voter
5. Registration card or FNPF/FRCA Joint ID Card

6. Original or Certified copy of your birth certificate

7. TIN Letter copy

Then, submit the completed form and required identification, at any FNPF branch or agency