Why have a Joint ID Card?

The Joint ID Card is a common identifier that will now be used by FNPF members and/or taxpayers for services  that require a Tax Identification Number (TIN) or FNPF Membership Card. As such, the Card is convenient,  accessible and easy to carry. There will no longer be a need to carry a TIN Letter and/or a FNPF Member Card, you will now carry only one card and that is the Joint ID Card.

Who can get a card, and from where?

The following are entitled to the Joint ID Card:
1. Individuals who have a TIN and are also members of the FNPF, can register at any FRCA office or any FNPF  office Fiji wide.
2. Individuals registering for a TIN for the first time will be required to register at any FRCA office Fiji wide for a Joint ID Card.
3. Individuals that are not members of FNPF but have a TIN can register for a Joint ID card at FRCA office Fiji  wide.
4. Individuals that already have a TIN and want to register for FNPF purpose for the first time will be required to register at any FNPF office Fiji wide.

Note: Foreign investors, non-resident individuals and registered business taxpayers will still be issued with TIN Letters.

Why does the FNPF number not appear on this card?

Both Institutions will now use your TIN as your Customer Identification Number before you can access your FNPF financial account which is separately identified as FNPF number in the system for security purpose to prevent fraud. FNPF members and Pensioners can access services at any FNPF office by using their Joint ID Card.

What information is accessed by both institutions?

The only common information shared will be the details that you provide on the Joint ID Card request Form. Your financial data is not shared by either organisation. This remains confidential.

What are the requirements of the Joint ID Card?

1. Complete the Joint ID Card Request Form.
2. Provide full extract of your Birth Certificate (post-2000), which has the numerical birth registration Number
3. Provide marriage certificate ‚Äď only if you are using your married name in any of the institutions.
4. Provide a photo ID - Electronic Voter Registration Card OR FNPF Card with photo. You may also submit another photo ID such as Driving License, Passport, and Employee ID. The photo must be easily recognizable as a true likeness of yourself.

*Copy of your Birth or Marriage Certificate MUST be certified by a lawyer, Justice of Peace or a
Commissioner for Oaths or Registrar General.

How much does it cost for a replacement?

Your first issue is FREE. Should you need a replacement then you must pay $10