Approved List of Institutions, Hostel and Homestays

The Fund will only provide education assistance (local) to selected institutions.

Effective immediately, the Fund will only provide tertiary education assistance to the following institutions:


         Approved Institute                         Approved Homestay        
 1. University of the South Pacific  1. Ra Provincial Hostel
 2. Fiji National University  2. Viva's Homestay
 3. University of Fiji  3. Maikali's Homestay
 4. Corpus Christi Teachers College  4. The Salvation Army
 5. Sangam Institute of Nursing  5. Turner House
 6. Australia-Pacific Technical College  6. Bethany Hostel
 7. Fulton College
 8. Vivekananda Technical Centre  
9. Pacific Flying School
10. Pivot Point Fiji Ltd

 For more information please contact 3307 811 or email