FNPF 50th Anniversary Celebrations

The Fiji National Provident Fund celebrated its 50th birthday on Monday, 1 August, 2016.

To commemorate this milestone event, FNPF has planned various activities for its key stakeholders.

FNPF Chairman, Mr. Ajith Kodagoda said that whilst the legacies and success stories of the past 50 years are worth celebrating, the Fund recognizes the need to re-emphasize its core purpose as a progressive social security provider.

Mr Kodagoda also highlighted that rights to progressive social security is a basic human right enshrined under section 37 of Fiji's Constitution.

He said that the Fund will continue to evolve and reinvent itself to ensure that it remains relevant and sustainable for its members.

"We have come a long way in the last 50 years growing from a $30,000 Fund in 1966 to a $5 billion institution. The Fund has come through its own challenges and tribulations; and will continue to evolve to better serve its members in the next few years.

"I would also like to extend our appreciation to former and current staff and management, respective Board members and Chief Executive Officers who have contributed towards the growth of the Fund.

"FNPF is what it is today because of all the contributions both small and big made by you all. I would also like to acknowledge the leadership and support of the Government of the day who stood by us during the reforms and modernization process that begun in 2009. If not for some of these reform decisions, we would not be this strong and confident to face the next 100 years."

Since its establishment in 1966 as a retirement savings fund, FNPF has evolved to provide other services such a pension and pre-retirement financial assistance. It is now also an active player in the investment market as it continues to carry out its primary objective of securing its members future.

The theme for the golden anniversary celebration is "Securing Your Future - 50 Years On".

FNPF will kick started the celebration on its birthday by hosting residents of six selected senior citizens home to morning tea and/or lunch.

The three months celebrations will culminate with the opening of the Fund's new Customer Services Offices at downtown Boulevard; a new mall in Greig Street in Suva; and will also include various Corporate Social Responsibility activities.