Our Philosophy

Our vision is to secure our members' future by growing their retirement savings. We believe that we can achieve this through our mission to understand our customers, offer quality services and ensure sustainable returns for meaningful retirement.

We have strong values, which are well embedded in our culture. We believe that these values will help us deliver our strategy:

  • Humility – we value humility as a cornerstone of our service, showing respect to all, willingness to learn and develop to serve better
  • Accountability – we are answerable for the work that we do and take ownership of our actions
  • Integrity – we resolve to do what is right for our customers and our colleagues even when no one is looking
  • Innovation – we transform through sustainable continuous improvement and innovation to stay relevant in the business and deliver best in class performance all the time  
  • Teamwork– we value the relationship we have with each other, respect our diversity and share experiences, resources, and opportunities to foster our commitment to the cause of the Fund to achieve a common purpose
  • Passion - we have the passion in our being to deliver results and we will go all the way to ensure customers are satisfied
  • Courage – we are courageous in our capacity as custodians of members' funds to do what is right for members and Fiji

FNPF CODE OF ETHICS..